We Bring the Heat


A simple step by step procedure for changing out your burner orifice.

1.    Shutoff fuel supply to fuel train.

2.    Verify BMS is in shutdown mode.

3.    Using proper tools, remove burner from housing.

4.    Remove old orifice and replace with orifice chosen for the fuel at hand.

5.    Reassemble all equipment.

6.    Turn fuel supply back on, ensure the fuel at hand is the correct one for the orifice that was just installed.

7.    Using the BMS, allow it to go through its steps of ignition.(Do not skip Purge)

8.    After ignition, inspect flame through sight glass. The flame should have blue color present, if it is yellow in color it is too rich in fuel or there is not enough air present.

9.    Label all orifices before installing, and also on removal of old orifices for future use.

Any changes to the fuel must be recorded on companies fuel change log if fuel change log is not present please record fuel type,orifice & date on inside of housing. Any site upgraded or installed by ARG GROUP INC has the recorded fuel & orifice size installed at the final commission. If you wish, contact us with the phone link below to record the fuel switch on our online database. 

If you require proper orifice sizing for the fuel being used at hand please contact an ARG Group Inc representative.